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News In Rap 6-15-09
June 15, 2009 04:05 PM PDT
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I spent much of last week being ill, and consequently I am less ill on this week's track. Next week I hope to be less and more ill, respectively.

News In Rap 6-07-09
June 07, 2009 12:56 PM PDT
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For some reason, this file did not want to be posted in the correct audio format. If it took any longer to convert, I'd need an Inquisition. Also, I'm apparently really out of the loop because I had no idea about many of the news headlines this week.

News In Rap 6-02-09
June 02, 2009 01:32 PM PDT
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For some reason, this seems to have posted with no description. I'll try this again. Although I now forgot what clever things I said the first time around. Suffice to say, it's June, there's a plane crash and a prominent murder, and I rap about all of it.


News In Rap 5-24-09
May 24, 2009 10:03 PM PDT
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So I spent all day at a pre-Memorial-day gathering with some friends in from out-of-town, and got home after midnight and a bit tired. And then I thought, why not record an episode? It's possible you can tell.

Anyway, I'm pleased to report that the Tamil Tiger and Sri Lankan army situation may finally be coming to a close. Seriously. I can hardly believe it myself.

News In Rap 5-16-09
May 16, 2009 02:52 PM PDT
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I apologize that it broke me out of my rap when I saw the headline, but honestly, five weeks straight where one of the top headlines is that the fight against the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka will be over any day now? Come on. It's like waiting for that package from Amazon that never ships.

Unrelatedly, root beer floats with chocolate ice cream are awesome.

News In Rap 5-10-09
May 10, 2009 02:08 PM PDT
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So, Dick Cheney has decided to repudiate Colon Powell and claim that Rush Limbaugh is what the Republican party needs. Personally, I agree with half of that -- I think Rush Limbaugh is what the Republican party needs... to realize how they've managed to alienate their more centrist members and hand the Democrats control of Congress. You can blame Obama's charisma or McCain's VP pick for the presidential race, but the congressional elections are about people losing faith in the Republican party.

Er, yo.

News In Rap 5-03-09
May 03, 2009 10:12 AM PDT
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Howdy Folks, Well, as you hear during the prologue, I got some disappointing news this week. But I'm trying to stay positive, and to that end, I'd like to invite you to watch my new hastily-made rap video, which I recorded and submitted to YouTube for a contest in which I am attempting to win a microphone. If it racks up lots of views in the next week, that would be keen. Take a look. Thanks, Seth
News In Rap 4-26-09
April 26, 2009 01:09 PM PDT
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It's surprising to me how different recording this podcast is from freestyling on stage, even while taking suggestions. Having just done the latter last night, and the former now, they do not feel alike.

Anyway, I hate to spoil the news for you, but a few people got killed in America, more people got killed overseas, and the economy still sucks. I believe that can be the concise summary for pretty much any week.

News In Rap: 04-18-09
April 18, 2009 04:33 PM PDT
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I just found out Jedi Mind Tricks may be playing near me tomorrow, but tickets are pricey and only for students. Do I schlep out anyway to see what's up? A definite maybe.

Oh, and there's some news and stuff you could listen to.

News In Rap: 04-10-09
April 10, 2009 07:45 PM PDT
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Some people were supposed to join me for multi-man freestyling tonight, which I haven't gotten to do in ages, but then they bailed on me. This is, alas, why I am resigned to freestyling alone while scrolling down the Google News page.

Don't forget to turn in your taxes.

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